Eco-friendly EV

With the station for recharging electric cars, the Alma Hotel in Alghero provides guests arriving from Italy and abroad with a safe point of reference for those who love to combine a holiday with respect for the environment.

Because the challenge today is to be able to have fun, travel, move and move while reducing the negative impact of pollution on the world we live in as much as possible.

And the Hotel Alma in Alghero responds to the challenge by making available to guests a car charging station in the hotel's private car park, capable of recharging two cars at the same time.

The private parking service can be booked both online (after selecting the room) or by contacting our reservations office on 079-985616 or at

In this way we can go on holiday and move around respecting the environment without the fear of being stranded.

The credit goes to the Alma Hotel in Alghero, one of the few hotels in the area equipped with columns for recharging electric cars.

An added value for eco-friendly hospitality, essential for those who want to travel without polluting.

A service that includes considerable and various advantages.